What is Depression?

Have you ever felt as if nothing you do can ease the sadness in your life? Do you have trouble sleeping or do you have days that you just can’t get out of bed? Depression is a serious mental health disorder that is often described as the feeling of hopelessness, inadequacy, and lack of motivation. Everyone goes through moments of sadness; however, depression interferes with the functioning of daily life.

At Samaritan Counseling Centers, we take pride in our ability to help our clients get on the right track. We understand how much depression can affect everything in your life, so our counselors strive to provide prompt, professional, and caring services to every client that walks through our doors.

Whether you have been experiencing these depressed feelings for years or just recently noticed them, our staff is ready to help. We can even counsel your family members when necessary, since we have treated clients of nearly all ages. Our office features flexible hours, and you can trust that our qualified professionals are properly licensed to practice in Alabama.

Samaritan Counseling Center counselors can assess levels of depression and provide you with different ways to cope and manage.  When you need the assistance of a skilled, courteous team, it’s time to contact Samaritan Counseling Centers. We are eager to talk to you, so please call our Birmingham, AL, office at your convenience to set up an appointment on a day that works for your busy schedule.