Welcome to Samaritan Counseling Center!

Samaritan Counseling Centers of  Greater Birmingham offers help, hope and healing through faith-based, team-oriented counseling. We believe that people were created – mind, body & soul – in the image of God, and we integrate that fundamental belief in our counseling approach.


We are a non-profit center offering Christian Counseling but not ever attempting to convince our clients of any belief system. We respect all religious and spiritual traditions and will work with you from your own philosophical position.


At Samaritan Counseling Centers of Greater Birmingham you will find eleven counselors located at seven convenient locations throughout the metropolitan area of Birmingham in both Jefferson and Shelby counties and serving adjoining counties.


At our centers you may find:

          a safe place where you can find help

                    a caring counselor who can show you the way of healing

                              resources to help you find a new day of healing


For over thirty years Samaritan Counseling Centers of Greater Birmingham has been a place of help, hope, and healing. We are part of a world in need, and we stand ready to help meet emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs. Samaritan Counseling Centers of Greater Birmingham have been available to help through dark hours. We have been there to offer hope when it seemed none was available. We are here to assist individuals and families of all ages.


The list in the right column of this page is a partial listing of the needs we can address with you. Clicking on several of the items of the list will take you to a page that tells more about this need. Samaritan Counseling Centers of Greater Birmingham also offers professional coaching services and coach training. To learn more about our coaching program, Coaching Through the Gaps, click here.


Explore our entire web site for more information. Call (205) 967-3660 for an appointment or for more information.