Welcome to Samaritan Counseling Centers Online!


In a spirit of compassion and concern, Samaritan Counseling Centers offer faith-based professional counseling, coaching, and educational services in multiple locations in the Birmingham area.  We are committed to the importance of integration of mind, body, and spirit, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism in the delivery of our services.

We offer counseling and coaching services for a wide variety of problems and issues, many of which are listed in the column to the right, where multiple links are provided to informational articles of interest.  If issues beyond our expertise are identified, our counselors are quick to refer to medical or other specialists, as indicated.

In addition, as a non-profit organization, we are committed to supporting the diverse communities of greater Birmingham and to extending our services to marginalized and under-served persons.  As an example, we provide counseling and education services for the homeless in partnership with the Firehouse Shelter and other community support agencies.  In addition, with the demonstration of need, we are often able to discount our fees for clients who are suffering financial hardship.

If you or a loved one is looking for a safe and respectful place for help, hope, and healing, consider giving Samaritan Counseling a call.  Our appointment desk can be reached at 205-967-3660 from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  We are often able to offer after-hours appointments by special request.  We stand ready to assist individuals of all ages, including families and small children.

Samaritan Counseling Centers of Greater Birmingham also offers professional coaching services and coach training.  To learn more about our coaching program, Coaching Through the Gaps, click here.